You may ask, is a mindfulness course right for me?

and this is a good question. 

- Have I got the time?

As well as the weekly sessions, training in Mindfulness takes time and commitment. The courses follow an 8 week programme and will usually include a Retreat Day.

Home Practice between sessions may take up to forty minutes a day of formal meditation practice, as well as informal practice that can be done during your daily activities e.g. bringing mindful awareness to eating, showering, brushing your teeth etc. 

Like many things that are good for us - whether that is getting physically fit or starting on a new healthy eating regime - mindfulness training takes time and effort. 

Research has shown that participants who put in the time will benefit the most.

It might help to ask what you would need to drop in order to build this time into your day?

- Is it the right time in my life to start a course? 

If you are currently going through a major life event, such as loss of a relationship, job, death of a loved one, please have a call with Carole. She can help you decide whether or not the time is right for you to start a course or whether it might be wiser to delay. 

If you'd like to have a confidential chat with Carole to explore these or other questions, then please get in touch 

either CONTACT or call/text 0793 962 3566

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