Is this right for me?

If you are currently experiencing mental or physical health problems it’s important to discuss these with the teacher before signing up for a course. 

The same apples if you are currently going through a challenging life event such as death of a loved one, divorce or other major life event such as redundancy or job loss. 

These things will not necessarily exclude you from a course but may suggest waiting a while before embarking on a course.

Sometimes, during meditation, things can arise that may feel very difficult, such as memories from the past. There are ways to help with these things and adapt a meditation. 

Should they arise, please don’t give up. You can share it confidentially, outside of the meeting, with the teacher. They may be able to help you find ways of managing these difficulties during meditation. 

If necessary, it may be decided between you and the teacher, to pause the course and resume at a later date when things have settled.

Mindful Stream