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Short Meditations for those in a hurry

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Resources for the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course

Week 1 

Body Scan week 1 MBSR           32 minutes - Carole   Body Scan week 1 MBSR    25 minutes - OLDER VERSION

Body Scan week 1 MBSR         35 minutes Karunavira

A YouTube video with Jon Kabat Zinn talking about the Attitudes of Mindfulness

A short video about The Science Behind Meditation.

You might also like to watch a YouTube video of a TV programme from USA featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn's Stress Reduction Clinic in the early years. 

Week 2 see also Body Scan above

This week we will be looking at how our perceptions can sometimes mislead us and we'll be practicing mindfulness of breathing.

Click  For YouTube for talks and videos, including the Monkey Business Illusion. They make interesting watching. Courtesy of Palouse Mindfulness

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation - Carole 10 minutes   click here

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation - Karunavira 10 minutes click here

Week 3​ MBSR 

This week we are bringing awareness to sensations of Movement, the movement of the breath and the body and our moment by moment awareness of this.

We're also starting to work with the short 3 Step Breathing Space. Practicing this regularly throughout the day helps us become familiar with the practice so that it will be easily available to us in times of difficulty.

Home Practice Audio Recordings

Click Here for Three Step Breathing Space - Carole

Click Here for Three Step Breathing Space - Karunavira

MIndful Movement Recordings

Before following Mindful Movement practices please listen to this 

guidance track. 

and for attitudes towards Mindful Movement you might enjoy this -

 a short talk by Jon Kabat Zinn  on Non-striving

Click Here for Stretch & Breathe 28 minutes - Carole

Click Here for Audio Do In (Tapping) with Karunavira

Click Here for Audio Qigong with Karunavira

Click Here for YouTube video version of Do In and Qigong practice with Karunavira 35 minutes

Course participants can also find Mindful Yoga stretches on the OMC app (see course material for link address)

For some really good advice on sitting positions during meditation this 

YouTube Video is really worth watching 

Week 4 MBSR 

Click Here for 20 Minute Sitting Meditation on Breath and Body - Carole

Week 5 MBSR 

Click here for Open Awareness Meditation 30 minutes - Carole

Click here for Turning Towards Difficulty with Karunavira 23 minutes

Click Here for Turning Towards Difficulty (courtesy of Palouse Mindfulness) 20 minutes - Vidyamala Birch, founder of Breathworks

Week 6 MBSR and beyond

Continue using the guided meditations above.

This week we looked at Mindful Communications. Communications with colleagues or loved ones especially can be a source of great stress when they're not going well and we've slipped into bad habits. Aikido offers several moves that can be used as a metaphor for communication styles. 

Do take a look at this video by 

Judy Ringer where she demonstrates the Aikido strategies.

Click here for an interesting short talk by Tara Brach, 'Awakening Through Conflict'

Click here for Amy Cuddy TED talk about Body Language


Click here for Self Kindness and Compassion meditation  13 mins