What's involved in taking a course?

Most courses are held in groups over eight weekly sessions of between 2 to 2.5 hr sessions.

These sessions consist of

different guided meditation practises. These can be sitting meditation (and no, you don't have to sit cross-legged on the floor), walking meditation, mindful eating or gentle mindful movement based on QiGong or Hatha Yoga - always working within your abilities with options to sit or lie down as preferred.

The group is guided by the teacher, to explore different themes each week, for example

- recognising how we can move through our life often on automatic pilot, not being present, living a lot of the time in our heads.

- how bodily sensations can help us to recognise what's going on for us before we become aware of it in our mind.

- beginning to identify how our habitual reactions can be counterproductive often making our situation worse.

- developing a deeper understanding of how stress, anxious and depressive thinking can show up for us individually and can affect our mood.

- learning ways to recognise what’s happening when it’s happening and take steps to reduce the impact on our mood and wellbeing.

- Always exploring these themes with kindness and care for ourselves and others. It’s notable that we are often our worse critic.

- As we open to our moment-to-moment experience, we can begin to appreciate all of life, not just the challenges but also fully appreciating the joys.

Mindful Stream