What is home practice?

Between sessions there will be daily home practice set to do. This can be up to forty minutes a day of formal meditation practise as well as informal practise that can be done as you go through your day, for example, bringing awareness to the senses when eating, having a shower, brushing your teeth.

There may also be short notes and exercises that you are asked to complete during the week, for example, exploring and noticing your responses during home practice or when something stressful happens.

Research has shown that those who build in the time each day to do the practice benefit the most from the course.

It can be helpful to ask the question early on, ‘What can I drop out of my day to make this time for my own wellbeing?’ We might recognise that there are a number of things we can let go of for the duration of the course, for example, the time spent on social media or watching tv!

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