Why learn in a group?

During the weekly sessions, you will be invited to share in twos or threes, or with the group as a whole. The focus is on sharing how a meditation practise, or exercise, was for you. Learning from others and realising that you are not alone with your experience is one of the delights of participating in a group.

Some participants feel inhibited about sharing with the larger group and, please be assured, no pressure is put upon anyone to do so.

It’s important to know that, although taking a course will hopefully be therapeutic, it is not a therapy group. We only work with present moment experience, we do not go into life stories and histories - in fact, if this happens, the teacher will very gently stop this and bring attention back to the exploration of the theme.

As written above, for some people, being in a group like this can feel a bit daunting. This is only natural and most participants find that, as they get to know each other, any initial anxieties recede. However, for some people this can seem like too much right now. In this case it might be worth considering a one-to-one course. These can be over Zoom or Face to Face.

Committing to a regular day each week can be impractical for some people, for example those who work shifts or have irregular working hours. This is another situation where a more flexible one-to-one course may be preferable.

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